Thursday, October 6, 2011

***ALERT: Keep Saturday, Oct. 15, open in your calendar***

Occupy Orlando
---Aligns Itself With Occupy Wall Street Protestors
---Hundreds gathered at Occupy Orlando rally
---FACEBOOK:  Occupy Orlando

The group is planning a protest on Oct. 15 at the downtown Chamber of Commerce.

Already numbering in the low hundreds, they will have an unknown number of reinforcements between now and then, along with an unknown number of college kids...
---The "15 October" Web site:

This movement still has nine (9) days to either ignite and spread or grow weary and fizzle out.

I'd love to have help in the preparation of potential message(s) to convey if/when we rally a counter-demonstration.
  I have assembly point(s), counter-protest route(s), and exits/escapes in mind should we decide to move ahead with a counter-protest, though it may already be too late to file for and receive a permit to assemble from the city...

In the meantime, keep 10/15 available in your planner and let me know if you're interested in joining me in a counter-protest or if you've already heard about or have already joined another local party/group for the same purpose.

Live free or die,

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