Monday, June 13, 2011

Worthy Cause: "Heroes Hat"

Good evening all!
A quick break from the "doom-and-gloom" news links  lol  I want to introduce you to a veteran-owned business called "Heroes Hat"...

Heroes Hat was created in 2008 by an Iraq War veteran as a way for him to honor his fellow soldiers still on tour overseas.  The "Heroes Hat" has been the hat of choice for various Special Operations soldiers to wear overseas -- you may have even seen our servicemen and women on TV wearing this hat during the Iraq and Afghanistan Wars.  Now, the same exact hat that's been covering the heads of our military heroes overseas is available to the general public, courtesy of Kyle's Web site:
Heroes Hat

I recently purchased two Heroes Hats from Kyle earlier this month -- the black-on-black version and the navy blue version.  A couple of you may have even seen me wear the black-on-black hat at this past weekend's Honor Flight event.   Both of these hats are "low-profile", and both hats have the "look" and "feel" of a quality-made product.  I would suspect that both of these hats will withstand repeated use and abuse (i.e. the Florida heat & humidity, sweat, the Sun's UV rays, sea spray, etc.) for many years to come.  
Ordering online was a breeze, shipping was FAST, and customer service was excellent -- Kyle kept me informed every step of the order, and even followed up to confirm if I had received my order, which is a very nice (and rare) touch.

As if owning a little piece of military history wasn't enough, Kyle has generously arranged to donate $4.00 from the sale of each Heroes Hat to the Special Operations Warrior Foundation, which is one of my favorite charities.

So if you're in the market for a patriotic hat (or two or three or four...) like I was, or if you'd just like to support a veteran-owned, American-based business, then I highly recommend visiting
Heroes Hat ASAP to place your order.  And when you place your order, please mention my name as the person who "referred" you -- with enough referrals, I'll be eligible to receive another one of these great hats, and Kyle will donate another $4.00 to SOWF out of his own pocket!



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