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Daily News Links -- June 11, 2011

***CIA Director Leon Panetta (currently being considered for Secy. Of Defense) tied to Communist Party USA's Hugh DeLacy***
("When this information is examined in context," Loudon and Kincaid stated, "it is clear that Panetta, whose nomination to be CIA director was considered mystifying even to those in the intelligence business, has been a key component of a network of left-wing activists and socialist organizations for over two decades. These individuals and groups include not only Hugh DeLacy and his communist associates but the communist-dominated Progressive Party, Democratic Socialists of America and the neo-Marxist New American Movement. Panetta, in short, was a player in the network that sponsored the political career of a young Barack Obama in Chicago. This helps explain why Panetta was picked, seemingly out of nowhere, for the CIA job.")
--A list of Hugh DeLacy's "friends" and his communist/progressive political background here:

The Federal Reserve, Quantitative Easing, Inflation, Free-Market Principles, Gold / Silver, Food Supply

Report:  China ratings house says U.S. defaulting
--China warns U.S. debt-default idea is "playing with fire"
("any form of default could destabilize the global economy and sour already tense relations with big U.S. creditors such as China")
--Federal Reserve prepares for last spurt of easy money flood...
(..."The initial bout of quantitative easing, worth $1.73 trillion, began in December 2008 and ended in March 2010. It was created to stabilize the housing sector, which was the epicenter of the financial turmoil and has yet to show signs of recovery.")
----Biden, Geithner said to press Republicans on revenue (read: TAX) increases...
(..."pressed Republicans to accept revenue increases to help curb deficits in a meeting aimed at reaching an agreement to raise the U.S. debt limit before Aug. 2"...)
----Debt talks to speed up, taxes still a hurdle (federal credit card maxed out, and they want more taxes from us)
----Obama's outgoing economy "guru" Austan Goolsbee:  Fiscal imbalance 'not materially worse in the last two years'
(FACT:  "The national debt has increased from $10.4 trillion to $14.3 trillion since Obama took office in 2009.")
--OPPOSITE DAY TODAY?:  Op-Ed declares "Stock Sell-Off: It's the [Stronger] Dollar, Dummy!"
("Ironically, it's too much dollar strength we really have to worry about now")
--S.H.T.F. PLAN:  Top post-collapse barter items and trade skills...
("The concept of private barter and alternative economies has been so far removed from our daily existence here in America that the very idea of participating in commerce without the use of dollars or without the inclusion of corporate chains seems almost outlandish to many people.")
Government report:  Taxpayers are on the hook for retiree costs for federal contractors...
("taxpayers have been footing the bill for retiree benefits - not just for federal workers, but for independent freelance contractors")
--Many Americans won't be able to retire until we're well within our 80's...
(..."reinforces the need for a new social compact that provides increased financial security in return for increased contribution")
Stocks down for sixth Week, Dow below 12,000...
(..."marks the Dow's worst losing streak since 2002")
JPMorgan forecasts drop in home prices...
(..."another 4 to 5 percent drop in home values over the next 12 months")
Jobs SURGING in the Lone Star State...
--Canada:  Pipeline plays vital role in America's energy security...
("if the U.S. develops its own oil and natural gas resources AND imports more oil from Canada, the U.S. could meet 92 percent of its liquid fuels needs by 2030, compared with 62 percent today")
Keep the change:  Government Motors to offer lower-priced Chevy Volt in '12...
"Europe's Worst Drought In 100 Years Is Getting Worse"
("price of hay in France has risen so steeply that French soldiers have been deployed to distribute rations to hungry cattle waiting on sun-cracked dirt")
--"SuperWheat" to boost food security...
("called for more investments by wealthy countries and international institutions to continue developing the varieties, to help them keep them effective against diseases that continue to evolve, and to develop the seed production and distribution infrastructure needed to put the new varieties in the hands of poor farmers in developing countries.")

Big Government, Progressives / Radicals / Communism / Socialism / Redistribution Of Wealth, Economic Justice/ Environmental Justice /Social Justice, Collective Salvation, Liberation Theology
Obama to visit Puerto Rico Tuesday
("The administration called on the Caribbean island to hold two plebiscites, one on whether Puerto Rico should be independent or part of the United States. If a clear result is obtained, a second referendum would then be held to choose the island's future status between statehood, independence, a free association or a commonwealth.")
Dalai Lama to Chinese students: "I'm a Marxist"
New York:  Hudson boaters angered by security checks
("a tea party of sorts is brewing on the Hudson, as boaters and marine businesses complain bitterly about being stopped too often and questioned too closely by officers wearing flak jackets and holstered pistols")
Michael Bloomberg Barf Alert:  Microstamping [guns] saves lives: Senate must resist gun lobby and pass crime-fighting bill...
RINO-itis:  SEIU California launches Republican PAC to back "moderates"...
("I feel the far right, the tea party, is hijacking my party, and it's saddening," said John Orr, a parking officer at California State University, Fullerton. "I hope through this PAC, this effort and the open primary that moderates can regain their voice.")

Illegal Aliens / Open Borders, Terrorism, Jihad / "Misunderstanders Of Islam", Pro-Palestine /Anti-Israel , Caliphate / Khalifah
Alabama:  ACLU to challenge new law against illegal aliens
("This law is an outrageous throw-back to the pre-Civil Rights era, going beyond the discriminatory and unconstitutional police practices that we've seen in other states")
DREAM Act activists release "How To Stop Deportation" guide...
("When and how did you find out you were undocumented? How did that make you feel? How did it change you image of yourself, and your hopes and dreams? How has your status affected you and your family? How has it limited your ambitions? How has it enhanced your involvement in social justice issues? How have these experiences changed you as a person and your aspirations?")
Texas:  Border shootout under investigation
U.S.:  Pakistani intelligence & military to be trained on U.S. soil???
Vietnam:  Military plans live-fire military drills, rattles sabers for China...
What 'DEMOCRACY' looks like:
Egyptian presidential candidate Amr Moussa:  "Arab states should cooperate with Iran"
("Arab countries in the Persian Gulf and Iran need to cooperate for the sake of their common interests"...)
--Vatican fears increasingly unstable Arab world...
("On the one hand the Holy See shares in the hope of a democratization of society. On the other, it is afraid of a strengthening of Islamism")
Syrian army launches raid on flashpoint town
--32 protestors dead as helicopter gunships open fire on them...
Palestine:  Hamas "summer camps" train next generation terrorists, record turnouts reported...
("The 'summer camps,' combining Islamic indoctrination, paramilitary training, and social activities are set to begin again this year"..."Banners are hung on the walls with slogans extolling jihad and 'death for the sake of Allah.'")
"The moment the idea is admitted into society that property is not as sacred as the laws of God, and that there is not a force of law and public justice to protect it, anarchy and tyranny commence. If 'Thou shalt not covet' and 'Thou shalt not steal' were not commandments of Heaven, they must be made inviolable precepts in every society before it can be civilized or made free." ~~ John Adams, A Defense of the American Constitutions, 1787

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